Sit Through Everything Yours – The Graceful Art of Allowing

What we call karmic debts, reminiscences from other lives, transgenerational trauma, collective unconsciousness sprouts – they all point towards our significant truth in this moment. To whom do the heavens above belongs to? Whose is the air that we feel against our skin?

“I”, “me” and “mine” put tiny tags on everything. As the small mind perceives, the same it will provoke. We can divide the world into provocateurs and peacemakers, unknowing that there is no outside force that deals the cards. If by consciously looking at something we become one with the object, what happens when we put all our attention on ourselves?

My experience was of empires falling, leaving the bare earth in all its glory. Noise dims as the vibration of silence finally shows its colorful nature. Worlds succumb to the weightlessness of magic. And here we find ourselves, in the realm of never-ending origin. Where all is happening forever, cascading birth in directions we never knew possible.

The simple science of awakening

And as what we call morning comes, what we call sleep withdraws in realms of metaphor. We take our bodies and wash them, move them, clothe them, as we begin to relive the same now we have been inhibiting for eons. Today, just a tad different from yesterday. Myself, just slightly different from yourself.

We are all making thousands of steps in our heads each waken hour. What would it happen if you stopped? Just sit.

To whom is life happening to? Just sit through.

How much of everything can your mind bear to witness? Which slice of everything feels safe and familiar to you?

What is truly yours and how much truth do you contain each moment?

Sit through everything yours and realize there has never been a greater separation than the one you reinforce with each thought. Have you ever wondered where thought-forms come from? They are the result of the initial fragmentation. In me, in you, who cares? Or more importantly, where do you find no care?

There’s always something there, exuding light and life, nurturing even that which appears to be uncared-for and broken. As you sit through everything yours, you become that.

The poetry of presence

Sit through thoughts, until they tire. And you’ll never feel more replenished.

Sit through words until they become images and you’ll never feel more connected.

Sit through scenarios until they become life. And you’ll never feel more alive.

Sit through life until it becomes death and you’ll never experience a smoother transition.

Sit through the mess of it all, through the chaos behind your eyes, through crushing emotions as you plunge in the self as never before.

Sit through the night without expecting the day.

Know it will come but it will not stay.

Sit through the pain, allow it to sing,

the songs of the land of perpetual spring.

About the author

Manuela Raiz fell in love with the plant medicine path nine years ago. In 2015 she started her apprenticeship in the Shibipo tradition. Manuela answered the calling to learn from and work with Ayahuasca and other powerful plant teachers. She is the founder of SoulCenteredMedicines, which represents her passion for self-discovery and being of service.

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