Simplicity – A powerful antidote to too much

When too much becomes too much

There is so much of everything, have you noticed? An endless stream of information, seeking our attention and making its way into almost every nook and cranny of our existence. For those of us who possess a heightened sensitivity, this can feel like drowning. For many of us, however, here lies an opportunity, as information can lead to something more.

Naturally curious, I’ve always held a deep affection for exploration and reveled in acquiring knowledge. I spent many years accumulating information, only to discover my whole world trembling at the first sight of inner turbulence. And then came plant medicines and the jungle—soul-nourishing, emotionally enriching, and majestically simple.

When wisdom comes

The long months spent semi-isolated in the depths of the jungle taught me a way of being I never knew I needed. There I experienced true spaciousness of mind and fullness of life. There was no more information, no more knowledge. Month after month, the elaborate constructs of my personal story that I had spent decades refining crumbled away. What remained was a simpler way of thinking and a simple life infused with boundless wisdom. This wasn’t personal wisdom. It was not something that I found or was given to me. This timeless understanding of life’s ebb and flow appeared when I created space for it. Unconditionally there and infinitely patient, that was the wisdom for a wholesome life.

Each time I return from the jungle, I hold onto this wisdom, as I know that here in this other world, the pull of information will be great. And when, eventually, the weight of the world becomes too much, I take a step back and turn to the plant allies. The jungles of the world gracefully extend their love through their beloved kin—the trees, the flowers, and the herbs that surround us. When I am away from the jungle and disconnected from this wisdom, I work with beautiful rose, centering cedar, playful white sage, body-opening cacao, purifying lavender, and ascending angelica. I am honored to work with these noble and radiant allies, among many others.

It is my understanding that we live in a world where simplicity holds the key to a meaningful journey. Liberated from the burden of excess and repetition, we become the masters of our lives. Plant medicines like rose, oak, linden, and others can be cherished companions on our journey through life—a journey of self-discovery, self-love, and remembrance.

About the author

Manuela Raiz fell in love with the world of plants 11 years ago. In 2015 she received the blessing from the plants and began her apprenticeship in the Shipibo tradition. Manuela answered the calling to learn from and work with our ever-loving plant teachers and allies. She created SoulCenteredMedicines, a space where plant wisdom meets our core need to feel whole and harmonious.

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