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A journey of one thousand miles begins with single step.

~ Lao-Tzu

To book an appointment, please send an email at, mentioning:

  • the session
  • your timezone
  • time preferences

The length of the session is 1 hour.

30-Minute Introductory Session, courtesy of Manuela

A great way to connect and see how we resonate, without any commitment on your part! This special session is the perfect time to share what comes to mind, ask questions and express what you would like to work through or discover.

Intuitive Coaching

If you feel overwhelmed, stuck and confused, then this coaching system is for you. In our sessions, we look into what is blocking you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Intuitive coaching uses your inner knowing as a guide, as we explore your life’s story and find what hurts and what heals. As we discover what you need to leave behind or embrace so you can step into your power, we begin to identify what overrides your joy and flow. Intuitive life coaching provides compassionate support as you deal with emotional and spiritual crises, as you process trauma, and move through layers of shadow work and soul work.

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Plant Medicine Support

The coaching for Plant Medicines helps you safely navigate your consciousness-expanding experiences, and other types of potent medicine work, such as plant dietas. In our sessions we delve into sacred spaces, healing rituals, and how you can prepare for your explorations and integrate the teachings in your everyday reality.

Donation-based Session

If you’d like to work together, but the price is an obstacle, you can choose this 1 hour-long donation-based meeting. I am happy to be of service and support you on your journey towards health and wholeness.

Packages & Special arrangements

  • 3 x Sessions – $225 (instead of $270), 16% discount. Price per session: $75
  • 6 x Sessions – $405 (instead of $540), 25% discount. Price per session: $68

Sessions are offered Monday to Friday, with weekend sessions available in special cases.