Predictions for 2021 – precious insights from the depths of the jungle

Just over a year ago the collective started shaking. The signs were there all along. We were preparing for another phase in our evolution as individuals and communities. But for that to happen, we needed to leave behind so much that was stagnant, rigid and saturated with fear.

At an unconscious level, we were ready. This was something that we, as a whole, longed for, prayed for and even demanded. The time had come but the momentum was great. Therefore something happened outside of us that pushed us over the edge. All of us became part of a whopping ceremony that broke through our resistance and left us shattered. This was the first phase of our remembering.

2020 – The year of uncertainty

It was not the year when we got lost. For some of us, it was the year when we slowly started to realize that we didn’t know where we were going. For others, it was the time to choose a new path. For most, it was both.

Last year came as an all-embracing healing crisis for the spirit. And we were all in this together. From the depths of the jungle to the highlands and metropolises, change was blasting through our defenses and the stories we kept telling ourselves. Stripped of certainty and the illusion of control, so many of us had to turn inward, where we anchored in spiritual practices, faith or auspicious beliefs. For those of us who answered the call to look within, the message was, moving forward is always moving inward.

Plant wisdom and 2020’s story

It was March 2020, and we were in the jungle, drinking the powerful medicine. I had little to no connection to the outside world, when Ayahuasca started showing me this profound fear spreading throughout the collective. After sitting with the dark visions for a few ceremonies, the Medicine told me that we – the world, were letting go of old patterns. She revealed that 2020 represented the end of a cycle of suffering and disconnection for humanity; more than a closing, she said the year was also a preface to something extraordinary.

As I was receiving the messages from the other side, the words that appeared were ascension and a new earth. During the experience I felt that we were making space for a new way of living. There was so much light waiting at the other side of pain, so much relief and healing. Each of us and as a whole, we were getting closer to home. The progress which was previously made individually or in small groups, now requested all of us to participate. My understanding was that the era of ‘I’ was coming to a close, and the age of ‘we’ was dawning.

2021 – The year of crossroads

The plant medicine made known that starting with January 1st, a portal opens. If last year’s massive turbulence acted like a healing crisis, this year is when we integrate the illness, trauma and shock. 2021 is the time when the mud settles and our emotional and mental waters become clear. It is the year when we emerge but in a different way than before.

We are witnessing a great shift in awareness. Some of us are more resistant to change, as the suffering we know seems safer than the relief we don’t. Others jump into the unknown with more ease, as the pain they’ve been carrying hurts more than the touch of unfamiliar. We are creatures of habit, and changing routines takes time. Fortunately, the Sacred is ever-patient.

In January, the second phase of remembering started. This is a time in our lives when we are deeply supported by loved ones, soul family and non-physical allies, such as angels and many more benevolent spirits. Even if life guides us towards alignment with a Higher Power, we are lovingly given the freedom to contract and cling onto what we know. The Universe welcomes our doubtful dance until we are ready to receive what comes.

A highly responsive year

One of the changes brought about by the opening of the portal is that the delay between intention and manifestation started to decrease. On one level, 2020 produced a large-scale purge. Incredible amounts of dense energy from the personal and the collective flared up, only to be alchemized. This strikingly intense process cleared some of the space in our minds and bodies. And when there is spaciousness, our minds hinder less the connection to the power we all carry within.

The energy of the collective gradually started to change. By the end of 2020, we were ready to receive more and experience more. And the Universe provided. Our thoughts have the same power now as those we thought 6 months ago, 15 years ago or 30 years ago. What changed is our awareness. Radical times brought radical shifts, and many of us began shaking off the feeling of powerlessness.

Freedom and choice

We are now at a crossroad, collectively and individually. 2021 is a year of empowerment and alignment, however it is our choice if and how we allow this energy to unfold. My understanding is that our resistance to change is deeply ingrained for a reason. More than just an element that causes disharmony and discomfort, resistance ultimately teaches us how to let go and let flow. It smooths our rough edges until we learn to transition with more ease towards what calls us.


As we are entering a new age, the Universe is waiting for all its children to awaken to their power. As we move into a deeper knowing and understanding, resistance, anxiety, doubt and anger will continue to teach us what we need to integrate. As we grow into our power, we also become more acquainted with our shadow aspects. There are many of us who until recently managed to hide from the world. So many are still too afraid to show their light and their gifts. The time to rise has come. 2021 drives us to leave the comfort of fear and contribute to the making of a new world. It urges us to speak our truth with kindness and clarity. It encourages us to love and accept ourselves like never before, so we can love and accept life like never before. The new age asks of us to fully commit to ourselves. And this is not an easy task.

The gift of 2021

This year’s energy propels us towards the reality we would like to embody. 2021 comes with a wealth of teachings and opportunity for growth. This is a time for connection and self-discovery, that announces a new phase in our evolution. This year teaches us, maybe more than previous years, that how we think life is how we do everything. We can always turn our backs to the new and endure with the old. This is still a valid reality for some of us. But as we face the unknown and spread our wings, isn’t there a whole Universe encouraging us?

“Come to the edge,” he said.

“We can’t, we’re afraid!” they responded.

“Come to the edge,” he said.

“We can’t, We will fall!” they responded.

“Come to the edge,” he said.

And so they came.

And he pushed them.

And they flew.”

~ Guillaume Apollinaire

About the author

Manuela Raiz fell in love with the world of plants more than 10 years ago. In 2015 she received the blessing from the plants and began her apprenticeship in the Shipibo tradition. Manuela answered the calling to learn from and work with our ever-loving plant teachers and allies. She created SoulCenteredMedicines, a space where plant wisdom meets our core need to feel whole and harmonious.

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