Plant medicine Guidance

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.

~ Rumi

Through Plant Medicine Guidance you receive integral support before and after your Ayahuasca journeys. As you brave into the unknown it welcomes you in spaces bursting with potential. Having someone trained into plant mysteries by your side as you prepare for and return from these sacred voyages can greatly enhance your healing experience.

Here we explore:

  • Ayahuasca ceremony – preparation
  • Ayahuasca ceremony – integration
  • Traditional Master Plant Diet – preparation & integration
  • Social Diet – preparation & integration
  • Plant connections

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Ayahuasca ceremony – preparation

Making your mind and body ready for the Ayahuasca journey influences how you will receive the energy of this grand medicine. Here we talk about the foods that are beneficial and the ones that you should avoid, and which thoughts, behaviors and activities serve you pre-ceremony. I would love to help you set clear intentions for your ceremonies, as intentions and the attitude towards the sacred journey are paramount for a strong and healthful experience.

Ayahuasca ceremony – integration

The Ayahuasca experience brings ample energy movements in the body and mind. After the ceremony ends the time for integration begins. What was revealed during ceremony now needs space and attention. Integrating the medicine’s teachings into everyday life assures that you take with you and benefit from the gifts that plant medicine can bring.

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Traditional Master Plant Dietpreparation & integration

Traditional Master Plants Diets are highly responsive and sensitive processes that the dieter experiences in the jungle. Traditional diets represent a merge between the spirit of the Master Plant and the whole being of the person who embarks on this spiritual voyage. The preparation before the diet – the food, the intentions, and self-awareness, aligns you with the best outcome. The end of the diet brings with it the time for integration, which is a fundamental part of the healing process.

Social Dietpreparation & integration

If dieting traditionally takes you to the jungle or to retreat centers, when you diet socially you are working with the healing plant while at home. Social diets are more flexible than the traditional ones, however they are still powerful procedures. The social diet comes with its guidelines that invite healing, deepen the work and keep you safe. If you are curious about this type of plant medicine work or if you have already decided that social dieting is for you, I invite you to talk about the preparation, integration and the great rewards of social dieting.

Plant connections

Plant connections are simple, gentle and profound practices that bring together the healing power and wisdom of common plants with the intention of the person ready to embark on this journey. Softer and more flexible than social diets, plant connections fit perfectly into a busy schedule, and they offer support during emotional and spiritual challenges.

This illuminating practice invites the timeless knowledge of plants and trees such as rose, lavender, white sage, cedar or pine, into your space, and leads to or amplifies your self-discovery process. Plant connections help you shine the light of your awareness on core needs and soul values.

Working with local plants in such a way is a reflective process based on three pillars: intentions, the energy of the plant, and simple personalized activities designed to create specific healing responses in the body, mind and soul. The quality of these activities is cumulative – each day of your plant connection brings more awareness and takes you closer to your goals.

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