My story

But there are two matters, above all, about which a person can be certain –

struggle on the journey is a given, but also there will be splendor.

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

How it came to be…

Nine years of working with Plant Medicines and more than a decade of practicing energy healing. Wholehearted connections with amazing people I met along the way, more challenges than I can count, and a fervent thirst to delve into what lies beneath the surface, they were all central to the process of growing into myself.

…with inspiration from the other side

One clear December night in the jungle, Ayahuasca showed me it was time to create this space. A few months down the road, and the energies of ‘soul’, ‘center’ and ‘medicine’ came together. SoulCenteredMedicines represents the expression of more than a decade of impassioned self-work, consciousness explorations, and rich human connections. As per Ayahuasca’s guidance, I am here to share my experiences from the jungle without and the wilderness within, and to support others as they find themselves and their power. It is an incredible privilege and a blessing to walk the path of Sacred Medicines, and to work with kindred souls. 


My reality before Ayahuasca revolved around self-harm, crippling anxiety, long-lasting depression and addiction. All that you can put under the umbrella of self-abuse, I had planted, watered and grown in the garden of my soul. These were the echo of deep unhealed wounds I could not see. I spent years chasing relief from emotional pain and playing around in the puddle of symptoms. No matter how much I tried to heal, there was something that always came back, demanding recognition.

The Sacred Medicine Journey

My Ayahuasca journey shed light on parts of myself I never knew existed. Ayahuasca – the Mother, introduced me to Huachuma and the Master Plants, who became my beloved teachers as I healed and learned. My time in the depth of the Amazonian rainforest radically turned my life around, as I found there a new way of being. Instead of using all my resources to fight against the pain, I slowly learned how to recognize the wounds and embrace the hurt. The plants showed me how to heal by tapping into the sacred reservoirs of love and joy.

Plant Medicines and Lifework

The path of Sacred Medicines continues to amaze me. The journey is not easy, but the reward is great. My plant medicine experiences led me to my purpose. My calling is to support those navigating the darkness and the unknown, in both ordinary and expanded states of consciousness.. If you have chosen plant medicines as your partners on your healing path, it is an honor to help you make sense of the worlds opening within and before you. If plant medicines are not part of your journey, but your heart longs for companionship and a safe space where you can work through what’s going on in your life, I would love to assist you by way of intuitive coaching and spiritual counseling.

Connection is healing!