Intuitive coaching

You are the Hero of your own Story.

~ Joseph Campbell

Intuitive Life Coaching represents an accelerated form of self-exploration that helps you get to the root of your mental, emotional and spiritual blockages. This intensive but gentle inquiry, allows you to connect more with your needs and objectives, and at the same time, identify what no longer serves you. As we discover together what you need to see and accept as you move towards the self you envision, the patterns and beliefs that slowed down your growth thus far, will begin to reveal themselves.

It is a privilege to provide guidance as you shine the light of awareness on whatever is hindering your progress. This coaching for self-observation and deep-seated wisdom opens the door to a new reality within yourself, a reality where you reclaim your power and rewrite your life’s story.

Our intuitive coaching sessions delve into:

  • Soul Work
  • Shadow Work
  • Self-work

Soul Work

Soul work represents the spiritual journey towards what is essential and timeless. As you open your awareness and understanding to the vibration of the soul, you become more in tune with your highest purpose. Soul work can help you find direction, clarity and ease. From soul retrieval to soul talks, working with the soul nurtures your whole being, and brings you closer to wholeness and belonging.

Shadow Work

Shadow work represents a conscious descent into hidden aspects of the self. The shadow cradles all that is familiar yet rejected, abandoned and wounded in you. In this environment, the outcast parts of yourself thrive and demand attention. Their loudness ultimately signifies that it is time to listen and make space for them. As you go through emotional and spiritual crises, deal with triggers or look back at traumatic events, shadow work helps you get to the other side of pain and resistance.


If your intention is to move past blockages and disbelief towards self-actualization and radical acceptance, then self-work is central to your transformation. Self-work includes explorations of your thoughts and wild heart, deliberate visits to your past, self-loving actions in the present, and feeling into your body-mind-soul trinity, so you can draw upon the boundless resources and wisdom of your being.

Would you like to know more before booking an appointment?

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