Holistic Counseling

You are the Hero of your own Story.

~ Joseph Campbell

Would you like to experience an accelerated form of self-exploration that helps you see your mental, emotional and spiritual blockages? Our counseling sessions represent a thorough and gentle study of self, that allows you to identify and transform the beliefs and patterns that have slowed down your growth so far. Together we work on your needs and objectives, in a way that reveals your unspoken truths. And by accessing those truths, we begin releasing the creative and healing energy that always accompanies your beautiful and authentic self.

Our holistic counseling sessions delve into:

  • Soul work
  • Shadow work
  • Self-work

Soul work

Soul work is the process of recognizing and returning to your core values and life philosophy. The soul gives you the coordinates of harmonious living. The language of soul is symbols, image, sensations and instinct. Our work is deciphering the messages of the soul, and learning how to make space so that their energy blossoms in your life.

Shadow work

Shadow work represents a conscious descent into hidden aspects of your being. The shadow cradles the rejected, disowned and wounded in you. In this environment, the parts within yourself that need love the most, intensify and ask for attention. Together we approach these parts and listen to what they tell us. Shadow work helps relieve tension in challenging times, and brings light and warmth to remote inner spaces.


If your intention is to move past blockages and disbelief towards self-actualization and radical acceptance, then self-work is central to your transformation. Self-work includes the exploration of your thoughts and wild heart, healing your past by anchoring into a healthy present, and self-care in the now as a strong foundation for your desired future. Moreover, self-work revolves around the connection to your body, mind and soul, so you can draw on the precious resources and wisdom of your being.

Would you like to know more before booking an appointment?

I am happy to answer your questions and provide insight where necessary. To find out more or if you want to book a session right away, please send me a message at manuela@soulcenteredmedicines.com.