Plant Medicine integration and holistic counseling

Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot.

Seek the path that demands your whole being.

~ Rumi

Ayahuasca preparation and integration, sacred spaces dialogues and compassionate support on your healing path

SoulCenteredMedicines is a safe space where you can receive the essential guidance as you prepare for and return from your Ayahuasca explorations, as well as integral support on your healing journey in ordinary states of consciousness. I am delighted to hold space for you along the way and help you navigate the meaningfully rich plant medicine world and your beautiful inner world.

Did you know that proper preparation and integration of your Ayahuasca ceremonies greatly enhances the depth and results of your work? Would you like help overcoming whatever blocks you from living the life that you want? Welcome to SoulCenteredMedicines, where we offer Plant Medicine Guidance and Holistic Counseling for a fulfilling life.

I praise your courage and curiosity to explore yourself. On the path towards wholeness and belonging life lessons flow, and they can sometimes feel confusing or overwhelming. Whether on the plant medicine path or a different course, know that help is within reach. As you grow and become, it would be an honor to contribute to your healing process.

Plant Medicine Guidance

The preparation before journeying with Ayahuasca opens her world to you. You can connect with this grand medicine before sitting in ceremony, and making your body and mind ready for your encounter with her lays the foundation for a transformative experience. If preparation opens the world of Ayahuasca to you, integration – which is what happens after the ceremonies, represents the opening of your world to the Ayahuasca experience, and the embodiment of the energy released during ceremony into daily life. It is the continuation of its momentum of light, expansion and healing.

Holistic Counseling

Do you sometimes feel stuck or disconnected from yourself? How willing are you to explore your mind, soul and life, to align with more ease with your highest good? Let us work together on whatever blocks you from thriving and bringing your full self into existence. In holistic counseling we listen to the needs of the soul, mind and body, and find easy and joyful ways to honor these needs. This is a core practice that connects you to the creative and healing resources within, so you can draw upon them and create the life that you want for yourself.


Hello! I am Manuela Raiz and SoulCenteredMedicines is my healing space. More than a decade has passed since I started my journey with plants. From depression, addiction and self-harm to forgiveness, wholeness and belonging, the healing path was always surprising and deeply meaningful. I stand here now in so much gratitude for the blessings I received along the way. My calling is to be of service to those who want to live better lives and choose to work on themselves. I believe that in working on ourselves we are healing the earth. And one by one our healing stories amount to the creation of a beautiful new world.

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